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When most people think of craft they usually imagine nanna sitting in a corner knitting away occasionally peering over her glasses or little children glueing and finger painting but at Bellsridge we have taken craft to a whole new level and dragged it into the 21st century.


.Woodwork  .Ceramics  .Metalwork  .Ewaste  .Papercraft  .Needlework .Shell craft

.Bead craft .Natural jewellery .Dolls  .Decor'e items .Clocks  .Toys  .Lights 

.Light catchers .Wind chimes .Cards .Keepsakes  .Knitting 

.Recycled and repurposed items  and some extremely unusual creations.

Bellsridge offers an unsurpassed collection of hand crafted curios that will inspire and provoke the crafter in you.