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At Bellsridge Cottage we believe that we can change the world by changing the way we look at waste.

Lets Imagine something, Believe it can be done, Create it. then Inspire others to do the same.

At Bellsridge - Let us all be the change the world needs.


Have an heirloom or favourite item that has seen better days? Regardless if it's furniture, clothing, jewellery, glass, metal, timber or ceramic - we will repair it for you. If it's special to you then it's special to us.


Have something in your life that you have loved so much it's starting to look a bit worn out from use or age?

We can refurbish it back to it's "pre-loved" condition. Car upholstery, old furnure, clocks, statues, artworks or antiques, let us give them a "re-boot".


Have something you don't want to get rid of but can't use anymore or maybe you have no space for? Let us work out a way for you to reuse it. An old chair into shelves, collector shirts into blankets, curtains into cushions, artworks into clocks. 


Bellsridge takes all donations of "trash". We will take everything but food scraps. We recycle everything and move it on. If your items are in good condition we will find those that need them. We take: fabrics of any sought, clothing, toys, furniture, metal, timber, paints, old machinery, computers and parts, pavers, plants, broken jewellery, clocks and vases. In short, if your about to put it on the kerb we will take it and put it on someones mantle.


After a unique gift for someone who has everything? Come see us because we can create a unique and bespoke item for your loved one. The sky is the limit at Bellsridge. Nothing is too far, too weird or too unusual. Set your imagination free and give us a chance to create an inspiring and unforgettable piece of art for you.