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                      ABOUT BELLSRIDGE

 Bellsridge Cottage is situated at 1286 Bells Line of road, Kurrajong Heights,NSW. 


Kurrajong Heights is a beautiful village located 79 kilometres north-west of Sydney.



Kurrajong Heights is quickly becoming a cultural and artistic getaway location and Bellsridge is leading the way with multiple awards and achievements,          quickly putting Kurrajong Heights on the Sydney map for quality, creativity and beauty.

At Bellsridge we pride ourselves on supplying great customer service and a welcoming atmosphere for everyone.


Featuring the co-operative creative design flare of a fashion designer and visual artist the sky is the limit for anything that you can imagine.


From ready to wear clothing, couture designs,Bridal couture, costumes, alterations and anything from textiles. You will find the Ricky Barry Boutique offers everything and anything you can imagine and much, much more.


Bellsridge is also the home of the Bellsridge art studio featuring colourful and inspirational paintings, drawings and contemporary art forms. Imagine what you can have with a free lance artist at your disposal.


But we don't stop with just fashion and art. We also entertain ourselves with woodwork, sculptural pieces, ceramics, jewellery, knitting and crocheting, needlework, all sorts of crafts and sustainable or recycled peices.


We imagine, believe, create and inspire and that's why we have no competition.